Polaroid PoGo™ – ZINK™ photo paper


Recently released was the Polaroid Po-Go Instant Mobile Printer which uses Zink Photo Paper. The  (2″ x 3″)  ZINK paper contains cyan, magenta, and yellow dye crystals which are heat activated to produce an image. I was curious to experiment with this new technology, but in researching the product, many people have been given this printer bad reviews.

I do not have a Pogo printer yet BUT I still went out and bought a 10 pack of paper to experiment with.  Using different heat sources i was able to produce some interesting textures that might be able to be used in the future……

The paper has an adhesive backing so I stuck these images on one page in my spiral notebook so i could scan them in.

 This “ZINK art” was made without the Pogo printer,  just heat was used!


Zink Thermal Paper Experiments

Click image for an enlarged view


Spectator Flash

Spectator Flash

This is a Spectator Flash 120 format film camera that was on display at dcube studios in Greensboro,NC. The camera was supposed to have a flash with it, but that is now long gone.

There are only two exposure modes on the camera. 

The Time setting allows the user to determine how long the shutter is open.

The Inst. setting is set by the manufacturer, which i estimate to be at around 1/60 of a second.

It produces an image of 6 x 9 cm and there are no adjustments that can be made for exposure so i guessed the cameras settings are around 1/60 @ f 5.6. I exposed about 4 rolls of Kodak 160 VC film with it, so we’ll see what happens……..

Pictures will be up as soon as i get my film back…..

Argus A2B

Argus Post-War A2B

Argus A2B (Back)

Argus Post-War A2B (inside View)


This is a Post – War Argus A2B 35mm camera that was manufactured

in Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1945 until 1950.


I found it being used as a decorative item at my internship so i decided to photograph it, 

then I wanted to see if it still worked so I  loaded some Fuji- Neopan 1600 film in it. 

(film was donated to me by fellow  film enthusiast Drew Pearson.Thanks Drew!!)  


Here are a few photographs done with the Argus A2B…..

Argus test shot #1

Argus test shot #2

Argus test shot #3