Polaroid PoGo™ – ZINK™ photo paper


Recently released was the Polaroid Po-Go Instant Mobile Printer which uses Zink Photo Paper. The  (2″ x 3″)  ZINK paper contains cyan, magenta, and yellow dye crystals which are heat activated to produce an image. I was curious to experiment with this new technology, but in researching the product, many people have been given this printer bad reviews.

I do not have a Pogo printer yet BUT I still went out and bought a 10 pack of paper to experiment with.  Using different heat sources i was able to produce some interesting textures that might be able to be used in the future……

The paper has an adhesive backing so I stuck these images on one page in my spiral notebook so i could scan them in.

 This “ZINK art” was made without the Pogo printer,  just heat was used!


Zink Thermal Paper Experiments

Click image for an enlarged view



6 thoughts on “Polaroid PoGo™ – ZINK™ photo paper

  1. Hi, Scott –
    Really glad to hear that you’ve done some experimenting with the ZINK Paper! We’ve been encouraging artists to do just that for some time now – check out the other ZINK Art at http://www.ZINK.com/make-ZINK-art. And thanks for helping us spread the word about the technology!

    On another note, the ZINK Paper is not a thermal autochrome product – that is a technology produced by Fuji. ZINK Technology works in a fundamentally different way. Just want to make sure no one gets confused!


  2. Wood burning tools wood work great!! Any type of high temperature will affect the paper… the combination of how long you hold it on the paper and how high the temperature is will give you all the different colors. Thanks for the interest, try it out and post some pics!!! Have Fun!!!

  3. Yo Mitch! I just cut zink-paper to 35mm format and put it in an old Canon SLR. With the shutter open i started to heat the paper from the backside with a lighter. I would have tried with a hairdryer, but had none.. Well, anyways it just turned out not at all cool as I wanted it to be.. Could not see an image, just blue.. But at least only the are with light on was coloured 🙂

  4. And you can print out the same paper multiple times – and I tried once with a 35mm negative on the back of the paper and it was transfered (badly” on to the image 🙂

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