Argus A2B

Argus Post-War A2B

Argus A2B (Back)

Argus Post-War A2B (inside View)


This is a Post – War Argus A2B 35mm camera that was manufactured

in Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1945 until 1950.


I found it being used as a decorative item at my internship so i decided to photograph it, 

then I wanted to see if it still worked so I  loaded some Fuji- Neopan 1600 film in it. 

(film was donated to me by fellow  film enthusiast Drew Pearson.Thanks Drew!!)  


Here are a few photographs done with the Argus A2B…..

Argus test shot #1

Argus test shot #2

Argus test shot #3


Evil Sky….


I took this photograph right before it rained down on me during a motorcycle trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina in August of 2008. Unfortunately, on that particular day I spent more time huddled underneath overpasses than I did riding.

Under the bridge

Shot with:

Canon FTB 35mm camera

28mm lens

Kodak 100 T-max