Spectator Flash

Spectator Flash

This is a Spectator Flash 120 format film camera that was on display at dcube studios in Greensboro,NC. The camera was supposed to have a flash with it, but that is now long gone.

There are only two exposure modes on the camera. 

The Time setting allows the user to determine how long the shutter is open.

The Inst. setting is set by the manufacturer, which i estimate to be at around 1/60 of a second.

It produces an image of 6 x 9 cm and there are no adjustments that can be made for exposure so i guessed the cameras settings are around 1/60 @ f 5.6. I exposed about 4 rolls of Kodak 160 VC film with it, so we’ll see what happens……..

Pictures will be up as soon as i get my film back…..