Polaroid PoGo™ – ZINK™ photo paper


Recently released was the Polaroid Po-Go Instant Mobile Printer which uses Zink Photo Paper. The  (2″ x 3″)  ZINK paper contains cyan, magenta, and yellow dye crystals which are heat activated to produce an image. I was curious to experiment with this new technology, but in researching the product, many people have been given this printer bad reviews.

I do not have a Pogo printer yet BUT I still went out and bought a 10 pack of paper to experiment with.  Using different heat sources i was able to produce some interesting textures that might be able to be used in the future……

The paper has an adhesive backing so I stuck these images on one page in my spiral notebook so i could scan them in.

 This “ZINK art” was made without the Pogo printer,  just heat was used!


Zink Thermal Paper Experiments

Click image for an enlarged view